A child suffering from Cerebral Palsy

A family with a nine year old  boy who suffers from Cerebral palsy. 
This congenital disease is characterized by abnormal muscle tone, reflexes, or motor development and coordination. Babies born with severe cerebral palsy have very floppy or very stiff bodies and usually have secondary conditions such as epilepsy, communication disorders, eating problems, sensory impairments, mental retardation, learning disabilities, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, and behavioral disorders.  Unfortunately, this boy suffers from all of the mentioned symptoms.Due to his condition,he has to receive his nutirions through a tube which has been placed directly into his abdomen.This feeding tube needs an annual surgery to be replaced therefore your donations are needed:

The amount needed per month is around 700,000 LBP.  This amount is an approximation because the cost varies and fluctuates according to market price. Besides, the surgery, the boy needs a new wheel chair as his old one no longer fits him. The price amounts to 1,000,000 LBP.

Goal: $1,133.00