The team at FEED is fully dedicated to the organization, methods and vision to make social change happen. We abide by international standards of excellence and accountability: we produce regular and transparent reports about our activities and financial data. FEED’s management is formed by a group of youth who excelled in their respective fields and understand how to make projects work in the real world, thus allowing the organization to offer efficient & sustainable solutions that obtain results. Our focus is the humanitarian cause and positive social change—our charter upholds that diversity and tolerance are our watchwords, so that our environment expresses the freedom and power of being non-politically or religiously polarized.


At FEED, we believe in using each persons talent—inspiring and guiding generations old and young—in a collective strength of motivation and inspiration. By gathering, blending and unifying our efforts, we can most effectively cater to the needs of our society. We can ALL become mentors and leaders through our collective work across FEED’s units.

We hold these to be key values: Encouraging opinion sharing and empowering our people in all areas, as well as creating work synergies that demand the efforts of our better selves.

Beocome a volunteer in FEED and be one of those that will make a difference.

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