#Motifashion Bracelets

FEED organized a unique fundraiser in Ubay, Table Fine! Instead of going about it the old fashioned way, FEED is raising awareness and gathering moral support through fashion, in encouragement to all those suffering from injustice in Lebanon and in neighboring countries.The organization introduced its latest product: the #MOTIFASHION Bracelet. As the name suggests it, the purpose of this bracelet is an amalgamation of fashion and motivation,...

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Feed has welcomed to its midst a family of three disabled individuals with a talent for carpet weaving. We've joined hands to market their products by spreading the word on our website and Facebook page. Look inside the bags for our flyers, relating the inspirational story behind these carpets. As always, FEED heartily welcomes your support.Please fill in the order form below to receive yours now!

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The rich recipe we worked on turned out to be one of the best tasted maamoul by most of the people who have tried it. We teamed up during our firsdt phase of production in Castel Mare hotels kitchen which was given to FEED for free with a great support of its Chef and 2 patissiers. FEEDs team consisted of the mothers who were familiar in cooking maamoul along with a couple of FEED members who made their time available to be present for 5...

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