#Motifashion Bracelets

FEED organized a unique fundraiser in Ubay, Table Fine! Instead of going about it the old fashioned way, FEED is raising awareness and gathering moral support through fashion, in encouragement to all those suffering from injustice in Lebanon and in neighboring countries.

The organization introduced its latest product: the #MOTIFASHION Bracelet. As the name suggests it, the purpose of this bracelet is an amalgamation of fashion and motivation, reminding fashionistas that they can bring a touch of goodness to the world, through their passion for fashion.

We have collaborated with designer Jean-Paul Karadjian who is specialized in high fashion accessories and couture.

We hope that this bracelet will go viral, to show support and solidarity. Moral support is highly needed nowadays so we can lift everybodys spirits up, in a time where desperation and gloom seem to reign.

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