FEED believes that education is the key to ensuring the success, suitability and fulfilment for the future of the new generation. When a child is offered the world of imagination, that world opens up in wonderful ways. FEED strives to provide a solid education to disadvantaged children in order to make a difference in the world, in their lives and in the progress of society. This initiative is steered by the Education Committee, which is tasked with identifying children who are deprived of an education. FEED provides them with the financial means and an educational direction, giving them access to government and private schools. Our goal for the upcoming year is to provide underprivileged children with access to a better education in private schools in the region. Small steps on the way to knowledge can inspire fantastic ambitions and deep realisations.

We are currently supporting on the education of 3 students so far; one in a private school and two others in a techincal school.