Getting proper nourishment is a human essential, and making sure the needy are fed is a central piece of FEED’s mission. FEED has expanded that fundamental mission and vision through our belief that deprived families not only have the right to basic survival, but also to enjoy their lives. Therefore, we make sure we provide them with delicious, nutritional food to point them toward the healthy lifestyle that promotes happy, productive lives. The FEED Nutrition Box consists of more than 10 food items, sent to FEED families on a monthly basis. There are also celebratory deliveries—such as warm meals, fresh fruits and vegetables, desserts and cakes—shared on a yearly basis with the families on special events and occasions, such as Easter and Adha. The long-term strategy of the Food Committee is to create a network of restaurants and food suppliers willing to provide packaged food or donate excess food supplies and untouched leftovers to the needy. The expansion of this network will open many possibilities for helping families stay in good, happy health.

We provide a nutrition box with the main ingredients on a monthly basis 

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