FEEDs vision of equity and justice for the poor and deprived is challenging and complex. But, our Strong Will to Make a Change drives the application of our integrated core values and principles, which fuels a cycling, contagious stream of goodness that flows back to us and to the people we serve. Our voluntary duty toward social responsibility enlightens our mission: not gathering funds solely in order to function, but of spreading the importance of sharing with those who are less fortunate, and paying our gratitude forward. In addition to fundraising events, FEEDs fundraising activities include advertising campaigns, social media interaction with online users (specifically directed toward youth), university seminars and events in clubs. All this leads to generating more income to FEED, which is channeled to the deprived individuals of our society. All incomes are directed to the delivery of our core values and principles, which informs all our decisions and actions. To paraphrase a quote, wed rather collect a million dollars from a million people rather than a million dollar from just oneā€”that way, we can educate, teach and involve everyone in the cycle of restoring dignity to the lives of those in need.

Prepared a brochure with KPMG (our official Audit partners) which forecasted our work in details for 5 consecutive years - until 2016

Conducted a presentation in Le Royal hotel and elaborated more on FEEDs way of work

Partenered with Le Gray hotel and had our brochures exposed in its main restaurant "Gordons" as well as a flyer distributed with every bill

Partnered with several pharmacies as well as main toy stores in Lebanon (Mazen World and Mega Toy Store) where we kept our pleci boxes on the contoire 

Established a proper online platform: website, Facebook and Instagram pages