Without shelter, families and individuals can be cast adrift, and lives ruined. FEED recognizes that a solid roof and walls are integral to family integrity. The Housing Committee focuses on visiting the homes of all the FEED Families to ensure their properties are safe and clean. For those most deprived, The Housing Committee collaborates with the Fundraising Committee in collecting donations to renovate or rebuild those homes for families most in need. The Housing Committee compiles and updates a database of construction-related service providers (engineers, architects, real estate developers, contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers) willing to help FEED in keeping family homes safe and secure. The long-term project of the Housing Committee is to work closely with the Legal Committee to influence Parliament in drafting a law supplying government-owned homes to the needy at reduced prices. There are other countries that have successfully employed this model, such as France—Lebanon has humanitarian housing needs that must be met in like fashion.

 Conducted two house rennovations so far which included:

  1. toilet installation (Since they lived all their lives without having a toilet seat)
  2. shower installtion
  3. Plumbing works
  4. Tiling works
  5. paint works
  6. kitchen appliance and installation
  7. Furniture
  8. Plaster works
  9. Masonry works
  10. Wood works