FEED strongly believes in the “inalienable fundamental rights” of all human beings, regardless of their background, creed or station in life. FEED’s mission is to fight for human rights that are universal and egalitarian—a civil acknowledgement of the self-respect of the individual. Therefore, our Legal Committee focuses on handling the legal needs of the FEED Families who have the right to be represented and defended before any governmental authority. FEED supports the cause of individuals to fearlessly raise their voices in quest of fundamental rights such as the right to live in dignity. The Legal Committee also raises awareness of social justice issues by lobbying parliamentarians and various parliament committees to issue more democratic and socially evolved laws.

Support families with their related municipalities regarding financial aid and legal facilities.

Legal aid for a house renovation project.

Internal assistance with the various governmental entities regarding all FEED legal paper work.

Contact with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Affairs in order to provide legal support to families in need as well as to FEED organization.