We derived our principles from considering the teachings of major religions and philosophies that have addressed the place and the work of charity, philanthropy and good deeds. We have distilled these deep considerations into the following principles:

1 - Recognizing the need and the benefits of fighting social inequality through respect and understanding of the fundamental dignity of all people, no matter their social standing.

2 - Leading a long-term, comprehensive and evolving program that seeks to reform and recast all aspects of social unfairness, but which provides immediate aid where needed.

3 - Tackling social work with an invigorated spirit of discovery and opportunity for positive change; presenting a fresh, open and flexible approach to community service while upholding the highest professional practices and standards.

4- Engaging with the government and other stakeholders to complement and enhance their efforts in social support, with the goal of sustainable, transparent and progressive results.

The essence of our work:

1 - Fighting for human basic rights

FEED is committed to fight—through committed and concerted means—to restore human dignity and basic rights to Lebanons full population, no matter their societal standing. We strive to offer and encourage self-development opportunities to every individual we work with, so they know the pleasure of directing their lifes ideals. We don’t manage staff in the limited business sense: we mentor them and transfer knowledge through a deliberate, guided, incremental approach. We value all opinions when it comes to program decision-making—shared ideas and discoveries make us strong. We aim to provide a good example for Lebanese youth by promoting diversity in thought and opinion and open idea-exchange.

2 - Genuine Commitment

We believe that the true meaning of life is in helping one another rise to our full potentials. Our genuine commitments to live life in gratitude, patience and care for one another are key pillars of FEED’s work. By living our principles, by choosing to act on them, we believe we can motivate and inspire todays generation and those to come. Part of our commitment is that our executive team adopts transparency in all aspects of the organization’s activities, especially in managing FEEDs financial resources. Our organization regularly communicates its work standards and practices, and strives to be fair in all dealings with every stakeholder.

3 - Collective effort

At FEED, we believe in using each persons talent—inspiring and guiding generations old and young—in a collective strength of motivation and inspiration. By gathering, blending and unifying our efforts, we can most effectively cater to the needs of our society. We can ALL become mentors and leaders through our collective work across FEED’s units.

We hold these to be key values: Encouraging opinion sharing and empowering our people in all areas, as well as creating work synergies that demand the efforts of our better selves.

4 - Quality

FEED will never rest in its striving for perfection. By perfection, we mean the greatest good for the greatest number, accomplished through the tangible expression of our collective ideals. We work relentlessly to provide out-of-the-box solutions by regularly reviewing our learning curve, our programs and processesand those of other like entities. To that end, we are keen to establish a clear system in managing our resources and assets. The most important thing in life is to stop saying I wish and start saying I will. Only the strong can and will make that change. Lets make it together!