FEED is a nonprofit humanitarian organization, powered by the concerted aim of breaking both the poverty cycle and the poverty mindset, so that the disadvantaged are empowered to leave the trappings and identifications of helplessness behind.

Our Pledge

An organization with core specializations:

Our executive team is a group of experienced individuals who have a proven and accomplished track record in their respective fields. The executive committee members have a clear job description that they abide by, within each individual’s specialization. Employing our team’s far-reaching network and expertise in the Food, Legal, Health, Government and Education sectors, FEED’s priorities are to improve basic living standards, leverage education and prevent health complications among the disadvantaged. Further goals included assisting families in obtaining decent housing and offering them legal support when needed.

Attacking Poverty at its Roots: A 360-degree Program

Our main objective is to uproot the reasons behind and the experience of impoverishment. We help the less fortunate by providing immediate aid and hope for a better future. We are here to develop and entrench their skills and eventually empower them to take control of their lives by taking on genuinely contributive roles in society.

Through our “360-Degree Preparation Program,” FEED assists families to reach the point where they become self-sufficient—we assist and accompany the family on their road to self-sufficiency.

Where Are We?

We are based in Keserwan, Lebanon and are looking to serve our community here and as a model for communities beyond. We have great ambitions when it comes to humanitarian work and anti-poverty efforts and we do not intend to limit ourselves to a certain geographic zone. Success breeds success, and we believe we can motivate and achieve real change.​