FEED reaches out to the needy and stands by their side; we provide them with the necessary nutrition, attention and education, with the goal of their transformation into self-sufficient and contributive members of society. We have a deep interest in improving the quality of life of the deprived—what might be considered small changes in circumstance can make huge differences for needy families. Capitalizing on our people’s expertise in various relevant fields, FEED has built a professional aid program that proposes immediate solutions for the most pressing problems of the poor. However, our programs also grow self-aided skills amongst individuals, pushing them towards becoming fully active in their societies. FEED is committed to high ethical values, which guide every movement of our work—excellence and transparency is what the communities we serve aspire to and we try to exceed their expectations on that front.

As important as our overarching mission above is our intent to create awareness in our society of the joys of volunteering and helping those less fortunate, as a means of lifting us all. All beings deserve respect and attention, and by joining with us in this quest to bring dignity to troubled lives, all our lives are bettered. We so strongly need to examine ourselves and our motives in society—caring only for ourselves essentially means we don care for the greater good. For a society that has so much, we have nothing if we can help those in need.

It is essential that we all reflect on what riches we have in our daily lives, and be grateful for them. We are blessed. But we need to share our blessings: We need to pay our gratitude forward, for those less fortunate. Todays generation and the next need to understand the heart of compassion, and how small gestures and an open heart can transform lives.