Hunger is a terrible, terrible thing: without basic nutrition, the body and spirit dies, and entire communities can waste away. So many wasted lives, so much lost potential. FEED can help, and you can help FEED.

With inflation and economic unrest in action, prices of commodities and raw materials have increased tremendously. FEED strives to establish a system that works in collaboration with different suppliers so providing the hungry with nourishing meals is an effective, systematic process. 

Consider the plight of your neighbors, people with dreams just like yours, barely scraping by, in a lowered state of being. Please join our “FEED the Hungry” campaign—get involved and know that your generosity can make the kind of difference that transforms lives.

How can you help?

Whether you’re a supplier, restaurant owner, a mother cooking for her children, or just a concerned citizen, you can partner with us by committing a bit of your time in preparing an extra dish for the hungry people that are being helped by FEED. We would appreciate your donations of canned goods and substantive dry goods, such as bags of rice, sugar and similar foodstuffs.

These goods can be of help in our monthly program of sending FEED boxes to needy homes. These boxes consist of a nutrition box and a cleaning supplies box. The nutrition box contains various healthy foods for family needs: oil, cheese, beans, rice, sugar, salt, chocolate, soup, milk and more. The cleaning box provides cleaning detergents, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and other sundries.

If youd like to participate in this monthly program, you can contact us at [email protected], or by tel: 03 751423 or by clicking here for online donation for this specific support.