Our medical department is relentlessly working to provide comprehensive health care support and services to the ill, whose disadvantaged situations prevent them from being able to afford the proper medical attention and treatment. We continuously strive in helping the poor with the following:

Medical supplies

We need your support in providing all types of medical supplies and equipment. In-kind medicine donations are welcome from pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and all benefactors. Please consider donations.

Free Check-ups from Physicians

We are recruiting doctors to join our network and facilitate donated free services to the people who don’t have enough money to see a doctor. These would be a tremendous boost to indigent families.

Free Oral Care

Given the rough economic conditions, it’s nearly impossible for needy people to obtain dental work services. Household budgets already stretched to the maximum often don allow for dental care. However, taking care of your teeth is critical for overall health. We seek the help of enlightened dentists to join our program to make a difference.

If youd like to participate in this monthly program, you can contact us at [email protected], or by tel: 03 751423 or by clicking here for online donation for this specific support.