Old Initiatives

FEED's Christmas Experience

This Christmas, we've decided to raise awareness on the true meaning of the most anticipated holiday of the year. This is why every member of the FEED family will be sharing their Christmas experience and would then post it on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #Christmasexperience #FEED.

Monthly Medical List

The medical committee in FEED aims at providing medicine to the families we sponsor. FEED works with Darb El Sama dispensary as well as Arez dispensary so as to provide the medications.
Below is the list of medicine we provide to our families. Your donations will help provide them with a healthier life.

A child with Autism

A family composed of a single mother and a 15-year-old boy suffering from autism. Autism is a highly neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impairments in social interaction, impairments in communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior.

Physically disabled family

A family composed of 2 brothers and 1 sister all suffering from physical disabilities which limits the physical function of their hands and legs. The only available treatment to ease their symptoms is weekly physiotherapy sessions.

A child suffering from Cerebral Palsy

A family with a nine year old boy who suffers from Cerebral palsy.

21 year old man suffering from Hemophilia Type A

family with a boy who suffers from Hemophilia “A”.Hemophilia “A” is the most common type of hemophilia. It is also known as factor VIII deficiency or classic hemophilia. It is largely an inherited disorder in which one of the proteins needed to form blood clots is missing or reduced.