FEED Finalised A House Renovation

The Housing Committee with the help of FEEDs partners started a renovation project, in which a so called house was turned into a home. The house was not suitable for anyone to live in, knowing that a family with 8 members ( the Doumit family) were living under a roof that could not fit them all. 

FEED with the help of Mr. Jad Nasrany (Civil Engineer), Mr. Chakib Abillama (INJAZ Holding), Mr.Serge Cherfan (Cherfan Design), and Mr.Giorgio Azar (GAF) set a renovation plan and the following was achieved: a new waste water pipeline system was put , a new fully equipped bathroom with a water tank and heater were set, the whole house was installed with new tiles along with a new kitchen. And since the house was in a very bad condition, a false ceiling was set so as to separate the indoor section from the outdoor section of the house.

This project was one of the first renovating projects for FEED. We have given a family the chance to live in dignity and provided them with the essential means to have a place they can now call home.