Maamoul Project

The rich recipe we worked on turned out to be one of the best tasted maamoul by most of the people who have tried it. We teamed up during our firsdt phase of production in Castel Mare hotels kitchen which was given to FEED for free with a great support of its Chef and 2 patissiers. 

FEEDs team consisted of the mothers who were familiar in cooking maamoul along with a couple of FEED members who made their time available to be present for 5 full days in order to help produce the maamoul and supervise on the cleanliness and efficient operation. THe last 2 to 3 days took place in Marinus restaurant who were kind enough to offer us the same as Castel Mare: Kitchen along with a staff of 3 Chefs and 2 patissiers and we thank the management of both companies alot. 

This project managed to achieve great results with its first selling product to reach out to 230 kg of sales and a total revenue of no less than 6,000,000 LL. Our success here is not at all weighted by the money we got, but rather by the efforts put behind our mothers who worked for 5 days from 9am until 7pm non stop! And we bow in respect to their will and dedication to live the Easter spirit and help raise funds for the ones in need. 

Looking forward to next years Maamoul project where we expect to triple our results in Gods will.