#Motifashion bracelets by FEED lift morale of the Lebanese

The organization will be introducing its latest product: the #Motifashion Bracelet. As the name suggests it, the purpose of this bracelet is an amalgamation of fashion and motivation, reminding fashionistas that they can bring a touch of goodness to the world, through their passion for fashion.

Ralph Rahme, President of FEED gave a speech during this event, and commented about the #Motifashion project: “Although the situation in the country does not allow for celebration, our aim in this initiative is doing its utmost to stand by people who suffer from aggression and unfairness. At FEED, we believe in using each person’s talent – inspiring and guiding generations old and young – in a collective strength of motivation and inspiration. By gathering, blending and unifying our efforts, we can most effectively cater to the needs of our society. Thus, we can extend support in matters of nutritional aid, medical aid, legal aid, education, housing and last but not least, employment which is the most important entity into leading a family or individual into becoming independent members of society and move forward into aiding other individuals who are in need. Furthermore, our aim is not only to help local residents, but all individuals in need; FEEDs help is extended without discrimination by religion, by ethnicity or by country. We do not believe that we must wait for danger to knock on our door in order for us to take action.

However, and with the crisis that is going on, we thought of putting together a great project in order to cope with the exceptional situation that is upon us.We have collaborated with designer Jean-Paul Karadjian to create our first FEED bracelet that will be available in many stores around Lebanon. We hope that this bracelet will go viral, to show support and solidarity. Moral support is highly needed nowadays so we can lift everybodys spirits up, in a time where desperation and gloom seem to reign. We will be coming up with new designs and bracelets every 3 to 6 months in collaboration with different renowned Lebanese designers, in order to create an unstoppable wave of hope and joy!”

In the #Motifashion project, FEED’s main focus was to provide motivation and emotional support to people affected by the current crisis which is currently a much deeper need and a more serious injustice from our regular and normal operations.